• What is an e-cigarette?
    It is an electronic vaping device used much like a cigarette, however, it is free of the harmful added chemicals and tobacco found in cigarettes. This is what makes e-cigarettes much healthier and safer to smoke than regular cigarettes. 

  • What is an e-liquid Pod?
    It is the capsule that is inserted into any e-cigarette device that contains liquid infused with flavor and nicotine. Our pod-system technology is what gives you that "hit" that's very similar to smoking a cigarette. The pod will need to be replaced when emptied.
  • Why switch from regular cigarettes?
    E-cigarettes have been studied and shown to be 95% healthier than smoking regular cigarettes. Many people find that quitting cigarettes, where it was impossible before, is not only possible now but enjoyable. We have a flavor for everyone to enjoy. It is also easy to travel with and does not create the odor or messiness of regular cigarettes.

  • What makes ORYX so special?
    1)We have the best flavors; no fake candy-like flavoring.
    2)Our pod-system and device technology is far superior to other e-cigs on the market.
    3)We are dedicated to our customers and want to provide you with the best service.

  • How long does 1 pod last?
    1 pod is roughly equivalent to 1 pack of regular cigarettes, which is around 200+ puffs.

  • When will you come out with new flavors?
    We love playing around with new flavor ideas so be sure to let us know what you are looking for and we will get right on it!

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